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We are excited to introduce our lab-tested, unprocessed, and natural honey in a wholesale offer of 3 buckets, each containing 24 kg of premium quality raw honey, which has been thoroughly checked to meet and exceed the stringent standards outlined in the 2015 Honey England Regulations, Directive 2001/110, and Directive 2014/63/EU. This premium honey is offered in bulk for businesses and production purposes, and it remains in its purest form, free from artificial processing. Upgrade your products with the authentic richness of our unaltered honey, which embodies both superior quality and adherence to regulatory requirements.

Our polyfloral honey (predominantly sunflower blossom) is a delicious addition to any pantry, offering the pure taste of raw, unfiltered, and unpasteurized honey straight from the hive. Sourced from the nectar of sunflowers, it is free from antibiotics, pesticides, and GMOs, making it a natural and healthy choice for all. Whether you run a café, restaurant, bakery, or mead production facility, our bulk options are perfect for ensuring you always have a supply of this golden goodness on hand. It is also ideal for confectionery factories, farm stores, and health food stores looking to add a touch of sweetness to their products.

As honey is a natural product, it may crystallize over time.

Country of origin/packing: Ukraine

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100% Raw Polyfloral Natural Honey (bulk honey, sunflower) 72 kg, 3 buckets

£ 360,00Price
1 Kilogram
  • Unit 37, Great Western Way, Martock, Somerset TA12 6HB

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